How did you know that I was a private property owner?

We receive all of our information from the county in which your property is located. All private property owners are registered with the county assessor and county recorder. This data is public information and searchable.

 How long does it take to receive my money?

Some transactions close in as fast as 5 days, some take 60 days and others take 90 days. This question is completely dependant on how quickly the title agency can do their research. Once we agree to a price for your property we give your property information to the title agency to begin their research. The title company then has to research the chain of title by accessing information located at the county in which the property is located. Some counties are quicker than others in helping the title companies do this research. The title companies, you the seller and Landstay.com as the buyer all want this to go as quickly as possible. Upon completion of their research the title agency mails out final documentation to you. Once you sign and return the final paperwork, the transaction is funded by us and you receive your money at the same time we take possession of the property.

How does Asset Holding, LLC determine their offer price for my property?

Several factors go into our offer price. The location, topography, proximity to roads and to utilities and size of parcel or number of acres are all factors that go into our offer price. Another factor is that quite often we own several parcels or acres of land in the same area we and that is helpful for us. Much of the land we purchase is located in very rural locations and the offer price takes this into consideration as well.

What fees are involved with the sale of my property?

We will pay all of the fees associated with the sale of your property. The price we agree to pay you for your property is the exact amount you will receive from us.

My property has back taxes.  Is Asset Holding, LLC still interested?

Absolutely! Many of the properties we purchase have back tax issues. We send all property information to a title agency who in turn does the research on things like back taxes. As long as the back taxes are within reason Landstay.com will pay the back taxes at the time of title transfer. Remember, we take care of ALL fees associated with the purchase of your property.

What title agency do you use to do the title examination?

We use only nationwide, reputable title companies such as First American Title and Chicago Title. We are confident in the work they produce and our customers are usually familiar with these agencies.

What is escrow and how is it handled?

Escrow is the holding of funds and documents by an impartial third party for the other two participants in a business transaction. When the transaction is completed, the escrow agent releases the entrusted property. The same companies that do the title examination also work as escrow officers. They guarantee you receive your money at the same time we take ownership of the property.

Some or all of the people listed on the deed are deceased – I owe back taxes – I can not find my copy of the deed or the dog ate my deed – The property is in a bad location with limited access – Are you still interested in purchasing my land?

Absolutely! Lost deeds, deceased property owners and difficult to find properties are all reasons that we use a reputable, nationwide title company that has a proven track record. They are able to do the research quickly and professionally to facilitate a smooth transaction. We are still interested in your property and look forward to working with you.

We have tried to answer our sellers most frequently asked questions however there sometimes special circumstances that may be involved with the sale of property. If, for any reason, your question has not been answered here then please contact us by e-mail or phone.