About Us

Asset Holding, LLC began in 1999 for the purpose of purchasing rural real property for long term investment. We are an Arizona corporation with a small group of cash investors which allows us to make quick and effective decisions regarding the acquisition of real property and its potential disposition.

Asset Holding, LLC is a cash buyer of rural real property with the ability close all transactions in a timely manner with a single payment. Our focus is, and has always been, to purchase privately owned property at a fair price. We have years of experience which allows us to quickly and professionally close transactions. We have a team of professionals working for us who are focused on customer service to produce a beneficial transaction for all parties involved.

We use only nationwide title companies for chain of title research and escrow agents that uphold confidence for all of our sellers. We work with title companies such as First American Title Company and Chicago Title who are the some of the largest and most experienced title companies in the nation and have an unbeatable reputation for professionalism.

  • Quick and Easy Transactions
  • Single Cash Payment to close all transactions
  • Courteous and Professional Staff
  • Focus on Customer Service
  • Professional Support Network

We will handle all paperwork and documentation for getting the process started. Once we have agreed to purchase your land we will file all necessary forms with the title agency and the counties to begin the process. The only forms you will receive will be from the title agency and will contain the final documentation for you to sign and mail back. We have made every attempt possible to facilitate a quick and easy transaction for our sellers.

We look forward for the opportunity to do business with you.